FreeForm Varifocals

FreeForm Varifocals

Our most frequently asked questions often revolve around Varifocal Lenses, hopefully we can clear up some issues on this page.


How does it compare to the Elite/Premium/Platinum?

In a nutshell;

Spend little - get something basic but perfectly usable.

Spend more - get something really quite good.

Spend a load - get something perhaps marginally better.

Varifocals, or Progressive Addition Lenses incorporate distance, intermediate and reading prescriptions on one lens. The prescription changes gradually from clear distance vision at the top, clear reading vision at the bottom and an area in between that should serve for intermediate use.

The effectiveness of the lens will depend on a number of factors, the shape and size of the frame (a bigger frame will yield better results), the accuracy of the positioning of the lens, the quality of the design as well as the difference between the distance and reading powers, which increases as we age.
It is impossible, given that much of the lens lends itself to the blending together of the distance and near zones, to produce a varifocal lens that has no areas of distortion or abberation.

There is a vast amount of choice, especially since the advent of freeform varifocal technology which made it easier for a new design of lens to be brought to the market and as such customers are finding it difficult to make a selection, often concerned that there will be something better out there. It needs to be noted though, that (like in every other industry) every manufacturer wants/needs as much market share as they can muster so are falling over themselves to bring new designs to market surrounded by hype.

So what should you buy? The £40 pound budget lens or the £500+ all singing super duper one? In our opinion it is best to go somewhere in between. The cheapest lenses will be older designs/technologies, which while they do their job will lack some of the enhancements and refinements of a modern lens. Meanwhile at the other end of the market the lenses are starting to oversell and under deliver, giving you less bang for your buck.

So with all that in mind we have two offerings:

  • A Budget lens. It does its job, if you regularly replace your glasses and don't want to feel the pinch each time you do, or like a spare pair to use when you can't or don't want to have to look after them then it's ideal.
  • A Freeform lens, the progressive corridor is digitally produced on the rear surfaces giving maximum control over abberations, allowing for easy adaption. This lens should be considered a premium option and stands up against any of the premium products currently available, similar in design to the Essilor Physio or Esilor S-Design.

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Our Freeform Varifocal Lenses detailed above are unbranded lenses, however they are designed, manufactured, coated and supplied by Hoya and Signet Armorlite, the company who provide Kodak products to the UK.