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Frame Sizes
Our sizing guide shows you the lens width and bridge size as well as the lens depth and the 'overall' size, which is the inside distance between the arms at the temples.
Lenses & Coatings
All of our prescription glasses are priced including standard lenses.
Our standard lenses are the same as those provided by the vast majority of opticians and are made of a lightweight plastic material known as CR39. For more information there is a Wikipedia page detailing the properties of this material and why it became the popular choice for making scratch resistant lenses.
FreeForm Varifocals
Varifocals, or Progressive Addition Lenses incorporate distance, intermediate and reading prescriptions on one lens. The prescription changes gradually from clear distance vision at the top, clear reading vision at the bottom and an area in between that should serve for intermediate use.
Pupil Distance
Your PD may be noted on your prescription. The measurement needed is that between the pupils when the eyes are gazing into the distance.

We recommend the following method which can be found here.


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