Face Furniture!

Face Furniture!

Face Furniture!

It's a funny world, people are prescribed glasses and don't want to wear them, others aren't - but do!

But you don't need a prescription to be able to wear glasses. All our glasses are available with clear lenses or non prescription lenses.

All our glasses and frames include the option "No prescription - Fashion use only", what we will then do is glaze the frame with ophthalmic quality non prescription clear lenses, the same lightweight plastic lenses we use in all our glasses. 

But why wear non prescription clear glasses?

Glasses are fast becoming a fashion accessory, with the vast choice of patterns and colours and styles now available any reluctance to wear them is waning and people are now looking forward to choosing and wearing glasses and with our low prices you could have several pairs to accessorise with various outfits.

Do glasses make you look sophisticated and intelligent? Couldn't possibly say (mine do)! But if you pair your new non prescription glasses with our 1.6 index coated lenses, they will protect your eyes from UV Ultraviolet light as well.