What is Blue Light

What is Blue Light

What is Blue Light

Much is being made of the potential harm of blue light on our eyes as more of us spend longer in front of digital screens, the following is our understanding  of the situation.

Light at the blue end of the spectrum is essential for well being, cognitive function and sleep and wake cycles.
However some wavelengths of blue light, in particular those emitted by digital devices, can be to our detriment.


Do you remember being asked whether the red or green target is clearest during an eye exam?

This is because different colours of light focus at different distances and this simple test can help an optometrist fine tune your prescription so that your eyes can relax while looking at the normal things around us.

With blue light being at the end of the visible spectrum, and focusing in front of the retina, when viewing digital screens the eye needs to constantly refocus causing potential fatigue.

So the benefits of our Blue Block coating?

  • Screens out Blue Light allowing only beneficial light to pass through the lens.
  • Reduces eye strain and fatigue.
  • Enhanced contrast and clarity
  • Reduced glare.
  • All our Blue Block lenses are also Easy Clean, Hydrophobic and offer UV protection.

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