Your Prescription

Your Prescription

If you are in any doubt, please feel free to email us an image of your prescription and we will check it against your order.
When entering your prescription please include all the details (we can ignore any we don't need),
And include +/- signs and any decimal places.
(On a handwritten or Specsavers prescription, the +/- sign may be above the number)

After an eye examination you will be provided with a copy of the results of the sight test element, your spectacle prescription. You shouldn't have to ask for it, it is a legal requirement.

Prescriptions can take a handful of different formats, but they all contain the same details.

There are 2 main differences,

First, whether Right and Left are side by side, or one above the other. 

Secondly, whether you have a Reading/Near prescription, or an Add.

The GOS 2 form style, possibly the most common and as such the way we lay out our prescription entry form, as shown below,

The same prescription if written with an add, rather than the full details for near, would look as follows,


These details are directly transferable to our online form, as per below.


The same prescription might look like this...

Same details, but the details for the Right Eye written above the Left.

Some correct examples of prescriptions can be seen below,

So, Points to note:

  • Sphere/Sph values can be plus or minus (but will usually be both plus OR minus)
  • Plano and the infinity sign mean Zero
  • DS written in Cyl means Sph only (and can be omitted)
  • Cylinder/Cyl values can be plus or minus (and will always be both plus OR minus)
  • There can be just a Sph value, without Cyl and Axis
  • Where there is Cyl, there is always an Axis, and vice versa.

Example of incorrect entry can be seen below... Avoid these errors or if necessary check the details with your optometrist and we won't need to delay your order by querying the details.

2 problems with this one, there's a mix of plus and minus Cyl,
And there is only a reading prescription, which may well be correct but if we had all the details we would know for sure.

And 2 more problems with this one, no +/- signs, no decimal places. It is customary to assume a value is plus unless otherwise noted, but our enquiries prove that this is not a safe assumption.

This one is missing a value each for Right and Left, there will either be just a Sph value, or all 3 Sph, Cyl and Axis.

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